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Overview of Cookies

​Cookies are small files that are downloaded by a browser when a set is visited. Cookies are returned to an originating site and/or third party site on subsequent visits. Cookies may serve several functions, including remembering user preferences, visited pages, time and dates, and other metrics.

Cookies Used on This Site

The cookies used on this site, and the purposes for which these cookies are used, are as follows:

Cookie Name Source Duration Purpose 
__utmaGoogle AnalyticsPersistentUsed by Google Analytics to track how many times the user has visited the site, when they visited first and last.
__utmzGoogle Analytics6 monthsUsed by Google Analytics to determine where the user came from, what search engine was used, what link was clicked, and where they were in the world when you accessed a website.
BIGipServerSharePoint_PoolF5 Load balancerDuring the browser session onlyIt is used to direct traffic to the server the load balancer pointed the initial request to.
WSS_FullScreenModeMicrosoft SharePoint Expires when session finishesMicrosoft SharePoint cookie for internal use of the application to enable communication, identify the user session and/or exchange information with the content manager.
​office, industry, practice​Gibson DunnSessionTo store the selected criteria during the lawyer search.