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Complete NAFTA Guidance

The North American Free Trade Agreement has greatly expanded trade among the United States, Mexico and Canada.  These countries are now the United States' most important trading partners.  Many NAFTA rules, however, are complex and difficult to apply.  With many lawyers concentrating in NAFTA issues, our practice group is able to provide the expert guidance to assure that our clients conform with all NAFTA requirements.

We advise on determining proper country of origin for NAFTA purposes in order to obtain the best possible duty rate.  Our lawyers possess specialized knowledge in a number of product areas, including the textile and automotive sectors.  We counsel on NAFTA marking requirements, helping clients avoid marking penalties, and we work with clients to assure compliance with NAFTA's unique duty deferral and drawback rules.

We can assist with establishing and operating cross-border manufacturing operations in order to take full advantage of the Mexican maquiladora program.  And as necessary we counsel on the procedures for accessing the NAFTA dispute resolution processes.

Other Preferential Regimes

Our lawyers additionally have capabilities with a range of other preferential trade regimes.  In addition to the numerous bilateral investment agreements that are now in place or under negotiation, our experience extends to:

  • The Generalized System of Preferences
  • The Caribbean Basin Initiative
  • The United States-Israel Free Trade Area