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Companies doing business internationally today must ensure that they comply with myriad economic and trade sanctions administered and enforced by a host of governmental bodies and international organizations around the world seeking to combat international terrorism, nuclear weapons proliferation, drug trafficking and other breaches of international law.  Unilateral or multilateral, broad or targeted, country-based or list-based, complementary or conflicting, violation of these sanctions can lead to significant civil or criminal penalties, can subject a company to being placed on a "blacklist" for even inadvertent violations, and can irreparably damage a company's reputation in the global marketplace.

The lawyers on our global sanctions team have extensive experience advising clients operating internationally on how best to navigate this complex web of varying obligations and restrictions.  Serving clients in nearly every industry sector and around the globe, we routinely advise on a wide array of compliance issues arising from the various U.S. and foreign sanctions laws and regulations. 

Our work is as varied as our client base and includes:

  • Assisting with the design and implementation of compliance systems, policies and procedures
  • Conducting compliance assessments and risk audits
  • Advising on the scope and applicability of particular sanctions regulations
  • Liaising with key officials and regulators to obtain guidance or insight on policy focus and direction
  • Preparing requests for official advisory opinions or licenses 

When a company is concerned that sanctions violations may have occurred, we regularly assist in conducting an internal investigation, and in preparing and submitting any required self-disclosures.  We routinely represent companies before regulators and enforcement agencies when the government decides to launch an official investigation.