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Gibson Dunn Authors Legal Note on European Court of Human Rights Protections for Women and Child Refugees and Asylum Seekers

The Accountability Unit is a human rights NGO that works to end conflict-related sexual violence and gender based harm throughout the world. As a part of a larger initiative, the Accountability Unit asked Gibson Dunn to research and author a detailed legal memorandum concerning protections for refugee women and children under the European Convention of Human Rights.  It will be used to raise awareness of gender based rights and the protections that they are afforded. It is available at: 1536862526237/AU+-+Research+-+Legal+Note+No.+6+-+EU+Law+Protections+for+Refugee+Women+and+Children+-+ECHR+Spotlight+-+12.09.2018+-+Final.pdf.

The note was prepared by Nooree Moola, Harriet Maes, and Rose Naing.