Judicial Clerks

Gibson Dunn actively seeks out past, present and prospective judicial clerks to join our ranks. We provide appropriate and competitive bonuses and credit for years spent clerking.

Many of our lawyers have clerked for U.S. federal and state appellate and trial courts across the nation, including:

  • The U.S. Supreme Court
  • The various U.S. Courts of Appeals
  • U.S. district courts
  • Specialized federal courts
  • State supreme, intermediate appellate, and trial courts

We recognize the value of that experience to both the clerks and to us.

Many clerks who join Gibson Dunn choose to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge, high-stakes appellate and general litigation matters, and “bet-the-company” cases, that we routinely undertake. Others have opted to expand their horizons by trying out, or building their careers in, the equally rich, dynamic and complex range of transactional matters that we regularly handle on behalf of Fortune 500 companies and their international counterparts.

Judicial clerks who join Gibson Dunn receive appropriate credit, for compensation and partnership purposes, for their clerking experience. The highly competitive and substantial signing bonuses that we pay make up in part for the financial sacrifice involved in clerking. They also reflect the high value that we attach to those who bring with them the experience of having worked closely with federal and state trial and appellate judges and justices.

Judicial clerks wishing to explore a career at Gibson Dunn may submit an application via our applicant tracking system.