Gibson Dunn hires only the most highly qualified recruits.  We look for individuals who exhibit top-notch critical thinking, exceptional substantive skills, creativity and a passion for life and the law. With guidance, mentoring, and conscious training from the firm, our young associates serve as the principal architects of their careers. We believe in empowering our young attorneys to seek out matters and mentors that interest them while embracing the responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with this agency.  We trust that our associates will organically maximize their performance and potential, serving clients and gaining meaningful opportunities for professional growth along the way. This philosophy not only allows Gibson Dunn to create the winning team, but also a happy team.

Gibson Dunn believes that diversity among lawyers is essential. In an increasingly global world, we understand that it is crucial that we incorporate diverse competencies, experiences, and viewpoints into our workforce. We are proud of our diverse partnership and look forward to developing a new and diverse generation of lawyers who will continue the long tradition of quality and excellence for which Gibson Dunn is known.

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