At Gibson Dunn, we approach our long tradition of service to the community with the same passion, creativity and motivation we apply to all our work. We are convinced that by striving to strengthen the rule of law, assist the disadvantaged and bring top-quality legal thinking to those who might normally be overlooked by the legal system, we deliver tangible benefits to our clients, our firm and our community.

Our Commitment

Gibson Dunn has a long-standing and greatly valued tradition of service to the community. We are privileged to be able to give back to the communities that have been such a big part of our success, and believe that this involvement adds an important dimension to the growth and development of our lawyers, as both professionals and citizens of those communities.

A basic tenet of Gibson Dunn's community service and pro bono commitment is that projects can and should be initiated by interested and committed associates and partners, not from any "top-down" directive from management. As a result, we have seen a myriad of interesting and worthwhile endeavors brought in over the years, each reflecting the varied passions and commitments of our lawyers.  Gibson Dunn actively supports robust participation in pro bono matters by, among other things, giving one-to-one billable credit for all pro bono work performed, without limit. 

We are pleased to be a signatory to the Pro Bono Institute's Pro Bono Challenge, which requires us to use our "best efforts" to perform 60 hours of pro bono work per lawyer each year. To support this initiative, we created a Global Pro Bono Committee that meets quarterly, and appointed dedicated pro bono coordinators in each of our offices. Additionally, we appointed a firmwide Director of Pro Bono, who is dedicated to the coordination and management of the expansive pro bono efforts going on at Gibson Dunn worldwide.

As a result of our collective commitment we have not only met the Challenge, but have consistently exceeded expectations.  In 2014, our U.S.-based lawyers devoted a total of 124,956 hours to pro bono, averaging nearly 115 hours per person.  Our international offices also contributed impressively to their communities and to communities around the world.

Gibson Dunn is privileged and honored to serve those in need. Whether protecting constitutional rights, working to preserve historic buildings, spearheading anti-human trafficking efforts, battling slumlords, fighting on behalf of domestic violence victims, protecting the environment, or facilitating adoptions and guardianships, our lawyers have provided access to justice for those who could not otherwise afford it.

Scott Edelman
Pro Bono Chair