Chief Executive Legal Guide: White Collar Criminal Law

September 1, 2012

Gibson Dunn partners George Brown, Marcellus McRae and Debra Wong Yang, and associates Daniel ChirlinTzung-Lin Fu, Stephenie Gosnell Handler, Kacie Lally, Justin Liu, Meredith Smith, Daniel Weiss, and Susannah Stroud Wright are the authors of "White Collar Criminal Law" [PDF] which appeared as Chapter 1 in the Chief Executive Legal Guide.

This chapter is part of the Chief Executive Legal Guide and is reproduced with permission from Chief Executive Group, LLC. The Guide provides guidance to CEOs and business owners on key areas of the law that they need to be informed about and provides checklists and action plans to enable them to protect their companies and themselves. For more information about the guide, go to: or call 1-203-930-2709.