Gibson Dunn Women of Color Initiative

During the 2015 All Women’s Retreat, women of color from around the firm participated in a breakout session designed to connect and share their experiences. We have since built off that gathering and developed an initiative designed to serve the needs of women of color attorneys at the firm. Some examples of our programming are below.

  • Hosted a Women of Color Breakout Session during the All Women’s Retreat.
  • Hosted Helen Wan, author of The Partner Track, a story about a young female associate of color rising through the ranks in Big Law. Helen joined our women of color attorneys for a roundtable discussion.
  • Hosted a Women of Color breakfast at the New Lawyer Academy.

Recruiting Efforts:

  • Sponsor of Columbia Law School’s Empowering Women of Color (EWOC) and New York University’s Women of Color Collective
  • Hosted Columbia EWOC’s Clerkship Reception

Community Sponsorships:

  • Association of Black Women Attorneys in New York (ABWA)
  • Black Women Lawyers of Los Angeles
  • Corporate Counsel Women of Color (CCWC)

Attorney Involvement:

  • Mylan Denerstein, a partner in the New York office, was the Keynote Speaker and Professional Achievement Honoree at ABWA’s 2015 Annual Luncheon.
  • Chantale Fiebig, partner in the Washington, D.C. office, is connected to a group of African-American female senior associates who are rising through the ranks at law firms in the D.C. area. This informal network provides support and resources for one another as they advance into partnership or transition into in-house or government roles.