Gibson Dunn Honored for Antitrust Writing Awards

April 20, 2015

Concurrences Journal and George Washington University Law School Competition Law Center recognized Gibson Dunn in its 2015 Antitrust Writing Awards for both "Best Business Articles" and "Best Newsletters" on April 15, 2015. The firm’s newsletters were ranked No. 1 based on the number of jurisdictions addressed, and No. 2 for the number of cases covered in the 2014 publications.  The firm also ranked in the top 10 for coverage of cartels, private enforcement and Asian antitrust.

Brussels partner Peter Alexiadis and associate Ilias Georgiopoulos were shortlisted for the Business Articles’ Dominance Award for their article, "The Greek Lignite Case," originally published in the October 14, 2014 issue of Competition Law InsightAndrés Font Galarza, Eryk Dziadykiewicz and Alejandro Guerrero Perez also were shortlisted in the Concerted Practices section of the Business Articles Awards for their article, "Selective Distribution and e-Commerce:  Recent developments in EU and national case law," originally published in the February 2014 issue of the National Competitions Law Bulletin.  More than 600 articles were reviewed by a jury that consisted of an Editorial Board, an Academic and a Business Steering Committee composed of the leading academics and counsels, while readers of Concurrences Journal and its sister publication e-Competitions contributed to the selection process by voting for articles.