Webcast: Competitive Transmission: The Next Big Thing

April 1, 2015

The future of competitive transmission is one of the hottest topics currently being discussed today in the electric power industry.  Our panel discussion addresses the key issues in this rapidly-evolving area.  Hear from leading experts and participants in the field about a variety of issues, including the emerging role of cost containment, the importance of teaming, and whether Order No. 1000 is leveling the playing field. We review current developments in RTO project selection, from the point of view of the RTO and participants.  We also address how the financial community views this area of investment, and where competitive transmission appears to be headed in the future.

RTO/ISO Competitive Transmission Programs


Bill Scherman – Chair, Energy, Regulatory and Litigation, Gibson Dunn


Justin Campbell – Vice President, Edison Transmission

Steve Herling – Vice President, Planning, PJM Interconnection

Harry Singh – Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Joshua Burkholder – Director Transmission Asset Strategy, American Electric Power & Transource Energy

Bill Hollaway – Partner, Gibson Dunn