Gibson Dunn Named Litigation Department of the Year and Theodore J. Boutrous Jr. Named Litigator of the Year

December 5, 2019

The American Lawyer has named Gibson Dunn the winner of its biennial “Litigation Department of the Year” competition and selected Los Angeles partner  Theodore J. Boutrous Jr. as “Litigator of the Year, Grand Prize.” The firm was also named a finalist in the White Collar/Regulatory Department of the Year.

In its January 2020 cover story, The American Lawyer recognized Gibson Dunn’s litigation department as the “best of the best” and reported that “what sets Gibson Dunn apart is how its cases routinely check all those boxes: enormous financial stakes, unsettled legal questions and a nexus to major national issues.”  It also recognized Boutrous as “a tireless advocate for high-stakes, high-profile government cases. Underscoring the firm’s unique abilities to challenge and change public policy, the publication remarked that the “quintessential” Gibson Dunn case is “high-profile, high-impact and high-stakes” and the “quintessential” Gibson Dunn result as “a gigantic win, delivered under pressure, with lasting significance,” and “[t]he firm’s combination of discipline and savvy keeps clients coming back.”

This is Gibson Dunn’s fourth win in the last six of The American Lawyer‘s biennial “Litigation Department of the Year” competitions and the sixth time in a row that Gibson Dunn has been a finalist — both unprecedented achievements. The award was announced on December 4, 2019, and the firm profile was published December 30, 2019.