Omnibus Electric Vehicle Update

January 5, 2023

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The legislative and regulatory landscape concerning electric vehicles (EVs) continues to undergo significant changes. EV regulation shares many elements of traditional automobile regulation, but the technologies involved also create new areas of regulatory coverage and manufacturer concern. This alert discusses California’s industry-shaping Advanced Clean Car II regulations, California’s technology-forcing electric truck regulations, NHTSA reporting and recall enforcement risks, other federal regulatory updates, developments in EV supply chain regulations, the developing space of battery recycling regulation, privacy and cybersecurity concerns, and charging infrastructure incentives and regulation.

For vehicle manufacturers, this alert is meant to act as a quick guide to the current EV regulatory landscape and as a map for spotting where regulatory currents are heading. For additional detail on these topics, please contact the attorneys who assisted in preparing this alert.

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The following Gibson Dunn attorneys assisted in preparing this client update: Gustav Eyler, Abbey Hudson, Vivek Mohan, Arthur Halliday, Raquel Alexa Sghiatti, and Mark Tomaier, with contributions by Stacie Fletcher, Rachel Levick, Thomas Manakides, and Julie Sweeney.

Gibson Dunn’s lawyers are available to assist in addressing any questions you may have regarding these developments. To learn more about these issues, please contact the Gibson Dunn lawyer with whom you usually work, the authors, or any of the following leaders and members of the firm’s Environmental Litigation & Mass Tort, Privacy, Cybersecurity & Data Innovation, or White Collar Defense & Investigations practice groups:

Environmental Litigation and Mass Tort Group:
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Abbey Hudson – Los Angeles (+1 213-229-7954, [email protected])
Rachel Levick – Washington, D.C. (+1 202-887-3574, [email protected])
Thomas Manakides – Orange County (+1 949-451-4060, [email protected])

Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Innovation Group:
Vivek Mohan – Palo Alto (+1 650-849-5345, [email protected])

White Collar Defense and Investigations Group:
Gustav W. Eyler – Washington, D.C. (+1 202-955-8610, [email protected])