U.S. Supreme Court Round-Up (May 2024)

May 15, 2024

Gibson Dunn’s U.S. Supreme Court Round-Up provides summaries of cases decided during the October 2023 Term, a preview of cases set to be argued next Term, and highlights other key developments on the Court’s docket. During the October 2022 Term, the Court heard argument in 59 cases, released 58 opinions, and dismissed one case as improvidently granted. During the current Term, the Court heard 61 oral arguments and has released 20 opinions.

Spearheaded by Miguel Estrada, the U.S. Supreme Court Round-Up keeps clients apprised of the Court’s most recent actions. The Round-Up previews cases scheduled for argument, tracks the actions of the Office of the Solicitor General, and recaps recent opinions. The Round-Up provides a concise, substantive analysis of the Court’s actions. Its easy-to-use format allows the reader to identify what is on the Court’s docket at any given time, and to see what issues the Court will be taking up next. The Round-Up is the ideal resource for busy practitioners seeking an in-depth, timely, and objective report on the Court’s actions.

View the Round-Up here.

Gibson Dunn has a longstanding, high-profile presence before the Supreme Court of the United States, appearing numerous times in the past decade in a variety of cases. Fifteen current Gibson Dunn lawyers have argued before the Supreme Court, and during the Court’s eight most recent Terms, the firm has argued a total of 21 cases, including closely watched cases with far-reaching significance in the areas of intellectual property, securities, separation of powers, and federalism. Moreover, although the grant rate for petitions for certiorari is below 1%, Gibson Dunn’s petitions have captured the Court’s attention: Gibson Dunn has persuaded the Court to grant 36 petitions for certiorari since 2006.

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